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Notice of Marriage and Civil Partnership

Both couples will be required to attend in person to give individual notice, if:

  • You both reside in Buckinghamshire then you can attend one of the Buckinghamshire offices.
  • You reside in separate registration districts, each partner will be required to give notice in the district in which they live.
  • If one or both partners are not British / EEA nationals you must both attend a Designated Register Office (full list at

Giving notice means declaring that you are both free to enter into marriage or civil partnership with each other. To do this you will be required to present certain documents at your appointment.


Booking your appointment  

You may give notice up to one year in advance of your ceremony. You are required to make an appointment with your local Registration Office. 

Before you call us you will need to have chosen and booked where you wish your ceremony to take place.  If you have chosen a venue you should speak with them first to ensure it is available on the desired date before you contact us.  If you wish to have your ceremony in one of our Registration Offices then we will book this with you when you call.

If you live in Buckinghamshire you can do this online. 

Book your Notice here


Documents you need to provide  

You will need to present valid ID documents at your notice appointment. These must be original documents and not photocopies.


If you live outside Buckinghamshire and would like details of your local office, you can find them online or via your local Council. 

In Buckinghamshire, a booking fee will be charged for your notice appointment. This will convert to the notice fee when you attend your appointment.

To give notice, you and your partner must have lived in Buckinghamshire for seven full days immediately before you give notice. After giving notice, you must allow for at least 28 clear days before you can enter into marriage or civil partnership. This may be longer if you have foreign documentation. 

If you are under 18, you will need the consent of your parent or guardian.